National Blacksmiths Competition

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The Blacksmiths Guild

The Guild of Wrought Ironwork Craftsmen of Wessex
(The Blacksmiths Guild)

Promoting the Blacksmith's Craft

Dedicated to maintaining the highest skills and ideals of the Blacksmith’s Craft. Our aims are to encourage commercial participation and to provide expert tuition to foster and maintain a high standard of design and craftsmanship.

The Guild of Wrought Ironwork Craftsmen of Wessex has been established for many years and has a reputation second to none for keeping alive the traditional skills of the Blacksmiths Craft.

The guild actively promotes the craft by supporting our members at a number of shows throughout the country and supporting the National Blacksmiths competition circuit at the County shows. Many of our members both amateur and professional consistantly win prizes in the National Competition.

The Guild also sponsors various competitions.

Our training courses are available to anyone keen to learn about the Craft, thus promoting the skills to a wider audience

Our displays of work at various shows are much admired and help to make the public aware of what good quality wrought ironwork really looks like.

Members “Forge In” days give you a chance to enhance your skills, pick the brains of a mentor, address specific issues, develop your smithing skills and interact with like minded people. Forge In days are only open to members. Become a member

These courses are now held in partnership with Kingston Maurward College at their well equiped facilities in Dorset where students can work at their own pace under the supervision of the tutors, all of whom are working or retired Blacksmiths.


This is an ideal opportunity for anyone to have a "hands on" experience of Blacksmithing under the experienced guidance of one of our tutors.

Many who wish to start Blacksmithing are not aware of what is involved, our one day taster course is an introduction to the forge and the basic tools, and how to use them, giving them an opportunity to try the experience and to make some useful items.


A one or two day course concentrating on the skills required to produce specific items, suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of Blacksmithing, ideal as a follow on from the taster day course.


Two day (or longer) courses to produce specific items whilst learning the skills to make them.

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