National Blacksmiths Competition

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New Forest

New Forest and hampshire County Show
Wrought ironwork Schedule

July 30th-Aug 1st 2019
The Showground, New Park, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7QH
To obtain entry forms:
Telephone: 01590 622400
or e.mail

Mr S. Rook
Mr A Reader Smith

Class one: Under 250 in value
Traditional or contemporary, Primarily of forged construction
(the work should be marked at that price or available for commission at that price)

Prizes: 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class Two: Over 250 in value
Traditional or contemporary primarily of forged construction

Prizes: 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class three: Artistic/Sculptural
Items of artistic metalwork.Any method of construction.

Class Four: Farriers shoes and tongs

To make a pair of tongs to make a set of hunter heeled shoes
See schedule for full description

Prizes: 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class five: 90 Minute live forging
Competitors are required to make on the showground
hanging basket bracket
Please note:a clean up time of five minutes is permitted away from the fire.
a striker is permitted.

Prizes: 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class six: 20 minute Live

To make a saleable item in 20 mins

Prizes : 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class seven: student competition (at college 2018/2019)

Students are required to enter any piece into relevant classes, students exhibits
will then be judged as a student group

Class Eight: Local Military
Two Hour "open class" (open to service personnel only)
To produce any item in two hours

No prize money no entry fee

Class Nine :15 min " Eagle Eye"

To make one shoe to fit dummy foot provided. No measuring allowed
Visual observation only.

Prizes 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

Class Ten : Carthorse shoemaking

30 mins to make a pair of front shoes to specimen provided

Prizes 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20

All live working should be finished by 4.00pm to allow time for judging

Entries must be on site Monday prior to the show

Reserve Champion piece 2008
by Dave Harman

Portfolio of ironwork by Gareth Erwin aged 15

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