National Blacksmiths Competition

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Devon County results

Metalwork feature results for the Static competitions

Champion: Malcolm Shepherd for his Companion Set
Reserve Champion: Ryhs Harlin for his mirror surround

Class 1
1. Paul Gilbert Round panel
2. John Bellamy Sign Bracket
3. Simon Hall Sign bracket

Class 2
1. Rhys Harlin Mirror surround
2. Ollie Bramston Floral mirror
3. Pete Smith Mrgalith gate

Class 3
1. Malcolm Shepherd Companion set
2. Paul Giulbert Fire tool set
3. Paul Gilbert Fire grate

Class 4
1. Paul Gilbert Fish in reeds
2. Ollie Bramston Floral Mirror
3. Pate Smith From here to eternity

Class 5
1. Ollie Bramston Chains
2. James Deane Animal head tongs
3. Pete Smith Traveller

Class 9 Presidents' choice,Selected piece; table candleholder, made by Simon Hall

Metalwork Feature results for the Live forging competitions

Class 6; 2 hour live competition for NBCC points " A can crusher "
1. Simon Hall
2. Paul Gilbert
3. Dave Harman

Class 7; Crash and Dash
1. Simon Hall Log roller
2. Pate Smith Bracelet
3. Paul Gilbert Rams head poker
Class 8; Make an item to a sample, ( welded scrolls in one hour)
1. Dave Harman
2. Ryhs Harlin
3. James Deane

NBCC Champion Live Blacksmith, Simon Hall

NBCC Reserve Champion Live Blacksmith, Paul Gilbert

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